This page includes documentaries, demonstrations, and other informational videos that are concerned with online and virtual South Asian religious praxis as well as important elements of Hindu praxis, politics, cultural beliefs, and social traditions.

To this end, I have included videos that explain the structures and lived experience of caste and class including issues faced by Dalit and Adivasi groups. There are short films and videos on gender identity and how it is perceived within South Asia and Hinduism. Deities, discussions of dharma and karma, sacred spaces and environmental concerns, Hinduism and social and political activism both within and outside of India are some of the topics covered.

  1. Why Caste Matters (lecture by Dr. Suraj Yengde):
  2. India Untouched (directed by Stalin Kurup)
  3. Widows of Vrindavan (Investigative piece by Shahana Butt for “In Focus)
  4. Virtual Lakshmi Puja (on
  5. In God’s Land (directed by Pankaj Rishi Kumar-film caste, politics, and land grabs in South India)